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Survive, a 2d platformer, where your mission is to escape a prison. Only, it's falling apart. As it slowly floods, you have to try and escape and survive till the end. Fast-Paced, short and simple, try and get the highest score you can possibly get without falling or missing a jump!


Survive is a student made project, and given the amount of time, this game is not fully finished, and may be added to in the future if possible. Some elements are missing at the moment, and the animations still need polishing up.

Feature include:

- Easy to learn and simple gameplay

-Falling Platforms

-Simple scoring system

-3 levels to progress through


Platform: Windows7
Price: FREE!!
Release Date: 24/06/2014
Requirements: Keyboard, Headphones (for music), recommended minimum of 1 gb ram.


Contact me at my student email: kymberlie.adams@mediadesign.school.nz


My name is Kymberlie Adams, first year student in Bachelor of Creative Technologies. Aspiring game designer and avid game player. This game was developed in a small period of time, and is the first game I have made on gamemaker. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Right now the game will stay as it is, but if I have time, I would like to improve it in my own time.

Installation Instructions

Run the executable.

Install instructions

Run Executable.


SURVIVE-AlphaTest.exe 15 MB